Four Susans

It is hard to know where to start writing about this project as it is so wonderfully out of the ordinary. I was invited to participate in this multi-faceted musical, visual and conceptual performance by Faith Brackenbury a few months ago and we had our first private airing last Monday at Centrala in Digbeth for the purposes of filming it.

It is a project around Vivialdi’s four seasons with four groups of four women playing music inspired by their given season at the appropriate time of year with a ceremony to pass the music on to the next group at the Solstice. Faith (Vl) had written some wonderful music for myself (Dms), Alicia Gardener-Trejo (BS, FL) and Stella Roberts (Pn) to perform. The lineup worked like a dream, despite being unusual, and Faith’s music fitted the theme perfectly with one of her pieces being a controlled free improv over every 17th bar of Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’. There was also some acting and poetry from her collaborator Leo who is the original brains behind the project.

It’s so wonderfully quirky and bizarre that it is quite hard to describe here so do check out the website and blog for more info! And if we perform again I will be sure to post any details on my site.

Here are some photos taken by Phoneix

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