2017 Update

I’m aware it’s been a while since I update so I thought I should let you all know some of the highlights of what I’ve been upto over the last year!

Last summer we played at a lot of great festivals with Boat to Row, including Lunar Festival and How the Light Gets In but the highlight was my second pilgrimage to Glastonbury. It was such a wonderful experience. It was literally a mud bath with so much rain, it was unbelievable, but the community spirit was second to none and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were playing mainly in the green fields area with our biggest performance being on the Croissant Neuf Stage. The crew were excellent and it was a great chance for us to showcase some new material. My gig highlights from the weekend were Adele and her band on the Pyramid stage and This is the Kit on the Avalon stage. Both completely different performers but both so genuine in their approach.

Here’s a photo of us looking a bit weary on our final day at the festival-


2016 was rounded off nicely by some sold out gigs on Boat to Row’s Autumn tour In Cheltenham and Coventry- It was lovely to share the stage with great friends Andy Oliveri and Goodnight Lenin. And also some fun Christmas Parties with Gary Grace.

Since the start of 2017 I have been working with Boat to Row on writing and recording our 2nd album, it’s a time consuming but very rewarding process. I think it will be our best record to date by the time it’s done, but then of course I would say that. I won’t give any more away but starting the recording process again gave us the impetus to tour in the spring to road test some of the material. We played to a sold out MAC Birmingham and Big Comfy Bookshop in Coventry but also organised a lot of house shows and teamed up with Sofar Oxford to try out our material in an intimate setting and I think we’re all in agreement that it was our most enjoyable tour to date. Here are some photos-


I’ve also had the pleasure of playing for a production of ‘Whistle Down the Wind’ at the Albany Theatre in Coventry this year with MD Dan Summers. It had one of the best drum parts I’ve had in a show for a while and was very enjoyable to play for. What I really like about playing for musicals is the challenge of sight reading and trying to get it right first time.

Most of the rest of the year will be spent recording now but check my page and Boat to Row’s website for more gig updates.

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